Oil Service

  • Drain and refill your vehicle’s crankcase with Factory recommended Oil
  • Install a new OEM Oil Filter
  • Perform Tire Rotation

Four-Wheel Alignment

Tire Rotation

Regular rotation of your vehicle’s tires helps prevent uneven wear, improper handling, reduced fuel efficiency and shortened tire life.

  • Check and correct tire pressure
  • Inspect tire condition
  • Inspect brake pads for wear
  • Perform a road test

Tire Mounting & Balancing

When you purchase new tires for your vehicle, they must be installed on your wheels. This is a 2-part process, referred to as Tire Mounting & Balancing. Mounting the tire is simply to process of mating the tire and wheel together and ensures the tire bead is seated and sealed properly on the wheel. Balancing the wheel/tire combination involves spinning the tire at a high rate to determine if there any “heavy spots” on the tire. If left alone, these “heavy spots” can cause serious vibrations at high speeds. Therefore, when we balance the wheel/tire, we add weight to counter the “heavy spots” and keep the wheel spinning smoothly.

Race/Track Alignment & Indexing

Vehicles with heavily modified suspensions that see significant Track use may benefit from very aggressive alignment specifications. While these alignments may give better performance on the race track, they are not advised for street use as they can cause extreme tire wear.

When aligning these kinds of vehicles, we can also Index the suspension. Often these vehicles have adjustable camber/caster plates and arms that the vehicle owner can adjust. By Indexing the suspension, we essentially mark certain points on the adjustable components that correspond to certain alignment specifications. This allows these vehicles to run the aggressive settings while at the track and then adjust the suspension back to a street setup once they are done at the track.

Light Bulb Service

Short bulb life is a problem common among the taillights of German vehicles. Many times the issue comes down to the material of the replacement bulbs. From the factory, most German vehicles are equiped with Nickel based bulbs, while most replacement bulbs avilable in the US use a brass base. This difference in material can lead to excessive heat in the bulb and bulb socket and will shorten the life span of the brass bulb. Additionally, the brass based bulbs can cause damage to the bulb sockets themselves. Our Taillight Bulb Service replaces all of the bulbs in your taillights with the correct, nickel based bulbs as well as cleaning the actual sockets to prevent any issues.

Brake Fluid Flush

During the operation of a vehicle, the brake fluid’s boiling point is continually reduced through the absorption of atmospheric moisture. This moisture content can lead to the formation of vapor under hard braking conditions, reducing the system’s efficiency. Brake fluid should be replaced every two years.

  • Flush contaminated fluid from the brake system
  • Clean the brake fluid reservoir
  • Inspect the brake system for leaks
  • Replenish the system with new OEM brake fluid*

*- Aftermarket performance brake fluid is available at customers request

Front Brake Service

  • Remove worn front brake pads and rotors
  • Install new OEM brake pads and rotors*
  • Install new wear sensor (where applicable)
  • Inspect brake calipers and lines
  • Top up brake fluid
  • Perform a road test

* – Aftermarket brakes pads and rotors are available at customers request

Rear Brake Service

  • Remove worn rear brake pads and rotors
  • Install new OEM brake pads and rotors*
  • Install new wear sensor (where applicable)
  • Inspect brake calipers and lines
  • Top up brake fluid
  • Perform a road test

* – Aftermarket brakes pads and rotors are available at customers request

BG Air Induction Service

BG Air Induction Service is an extremely effective solvent/degreaser formulation that quickly removes sticky, heavy deposits which accumulate in the air throttle body assemblies and plenums of modern, multi-port fuel injected engines. Cleanup reduces harmful exhaust emissions and restores engine performance. Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe.

The BG Air Intake System Cleaner is introduced directly into the engine via the BG Inject-A-Flush Appartus, thus ensuring a complete and thorough cleaning of your engine.

Cooling Systems Service

Recommended at three-year intervals to ensure proper cooling during the summer months and a safe level of antifreeze protection during the winter months

  • Pressure-test the coolant system
  • Cap, drain and flush the system (including engine block and heater core)
  • Replenish the cooling system with manufacturer specific Original Equipment Antifreeze

Automatic Transmission Service

Most late model Automatic transmission come with “Lifetime” transmission fluid and auto manufacturers simply recommend checking your Automatic Transmission Fluid Level every 2 years. While the factory claims the Automatic Transmission fluid is a lifetime fluid, not regularly changing the fluid can lead to transmission problems later in the vehicles life.

Therefore s2dynamics recommends Automatic Transmission Fluid be changed every 30,000 – 45,000 miles. s2dynamics uses only OE Factory Automatic Transmission fluid. This service also includes replacement of the AT filter and Transmission oil pan gasket.

Manual Transmission Service

Most manufacturers recommend checking your Manual Transmission Fluid every 2 years. s2dynamics recommends your Manual Transmission fluid be changed every 30,000 miles. This service includes changing the front, center & rear differential fluids.

s2dynamics typically uses Redline Synthetic Transmission Fluids and Gear oils. Factory Original Equipment fluid or BG Synchro Shift Fluid is available at the customers request.

VW/Audi Direct Shift Gearbox “DSG” Service

On the new VW’s & Audi’s using the Direct Shift Gearbox (or more commonly called DSG) transmission, VW & Audi recommend the fluid & filter be changed every 40,000 miles. s2dynamics recommends and uses only VW/Audi OE fluid and filters.

VW/Audi Haldex Service

Required maintenance at 20,000-mile intervals for VW R32 & Audi TT’s with Quattro all-wheel drive

  • Change drain & replace Haldex oil
  • Replace Haldex filter with new OE filter